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Stitchless Circumcision Videos in a list

List of all published Videos on various types of Circumcision by Dr.Sachin Kuber

Circumcision at a Glance,what you should know before circumcision by Dr.Sachin Kuber,Pune

Planning Circumcision Surgery? by Dr.Sachin Kuber at Circumcisionclinik ,Pune,INDIA

How to Plan Circumcision Surgery? in HINDI(At Circumcision Clinik,Pune)

Circumcision Surgery GUIDELINE IN HINDI हिंदी में जानकारी 

Circumcision Surgery for kids/children by Stitchless,non surgical painless method by Dr.Sachin Kuber

Alisklamp Circumcision for Phimosis tretament by Dr.Sachin Kuber

ALISKLAMP Circumcision Surgery-Complete Procedure of Phimosis treatment by Dr.Sachin Kuber

ZSR Circumcision Surgery Complete Procedure video by Dr.Sachin Kuber for Phimosis

Styles of Circumcision Surgery Basic,Advanced,Cosmetic,Alisklamp,ZSR techniques by Dr.Sachin Kuber

Circumcision Surgery Cost in Pune,India at Circumcision Clinic by Dr.Sachin Kuber

Tight foreskin issues causing difficulty in getting pregnant info by Dr.Sachin Kuber

Revision Circumcision surgery results by Dr.Sachin Kuber

Non Surgical Circumcision by Dr.Sachin Kuber Stitchless painless bloodless scarless types

Circumcision in 10 seconds! by Dr.Sachin Kuber@Sun Clinic

Novel Circumcision Surgery without stitches and pain by Dr.Sachin Kuber

Certified Center of Alisklamp Circumcision Surgery in Pune by Dr.Sachin Kuber MS

Authorised ZSR Circumcision Surgery Clinic in India

Painful sex can be avoided by ZSR stitchless scarless painless circumcision by Dr.Sachin Kuber

Instant, Quickly done Circumcision surgery stitchless painless bloodless scarless cosmetic surgery

Scarless Circumcision surgery, stitchless, painless, bloodless by Dr.Sachin Kuber 

Circumcision info in Marathi by Dr.Sachin Kuber, Stitchless, painless,scarless , cosmetic, Circumcis

Circumcision Surgery सुंता / खतना शस्त्रक्रिया 

Circumcision Surgery in Diabetes,Diabetic Phimosis,Balanitis,Balanoposthitis,Fungal infections

ZSR Authorised Circumcision Surgery Clinic in Pune by Dr.Sachin Kuber

Alisklamp Authorised Circumcision Surgery Clinic in Pune by Dr.Sachin Kuber

India's First ZSR Circumcision Surgery Clinic by Dr.Sachin Kuber-Painless,Stitchless,Scarless method

Surgical Circumcision with Stitches by Dr.Sachin Kuber

Fear of Circumcision Surgeryसरकम्सिजन,सुंता ,खतना सर्जरी के बाद होनेवाले दर्द का डर 

Fear of Pain during or after Circumcision Surgery 

Circumcision Surgery(Hindi)बिना टांके का सर्कमसिजन/सुंता /खतना हिंदी भाषा में डॉ सचिन कुबेर ,सर्जन

Dorsal Slit surgery for Phimosis,Paraphimosis for patients who don't want circumcision

Commonly asked questions about phimosis,foreskin issues,Circumcision Surgery

Best way to do Circumcision Surgery by Dr.Sachin Kuber MS

Recommended method of Circumcision Surgery-Best way to do Circumcision

Tight Foreskin,Non retracting foreskin,BXO,Diabetic Phimosis-Circumcision Surgery

Sensitivity loss after Circumcision Surgery-A Myth Busted, Stitch less Circumcision by Dr.Kuber

ZSR Stitchless Painless,Circumcision Surgery by Dr.Sachin Kuber,Pune

FAQ Circumcision Surgery,What,How,When,Where?How to go for it? 

Frenulum Breve/Short Frenulum -Frenuloplasty/Frenulectomy Procedure explained

Circumcision without stitches Facts and Guide with ZSR Bio Circumcision surgery by Dr.Sachin Kuber

Painless Bloodless Stitchless ZSR BIO Circumcision Surgery

Revision Circumcision Surgery

Painless Stitchless Alisklamp Circumcision Surgery by Dr.Sachin Kuber

Stitchless ZSR Circumcision Surgery

Alisklamp Circumcision Surgery in HINDI

Alisklamp Latest Circumcision Surgery

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Results of ZSR Circumcision after 15 days

See latest photos of ZSR Circumcision surgery results-Obtained from patient on Day 15

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Circumcision,Frenuloplasty,Revision Circumcision Details explained


First Consultation Clinic
Sun Clinic,111,Sai Platinum Building,Opp.Jyoti Gas appliances,Near Vijay Cinema theatre,559,Sadashiv Peth,Laxmi road,Pune 411030,Maharashtra,India.

Phone: +91 (020) 244 90020
M: +91 (0) 982 3863 926

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Online Consultation with Dr.Sachin Kuber MS Available ( Prepaid )

Online Consultation with Dr.Sachin Kuber MS for patients outside pune

Patients residing outside Pune city,Maharashtra can have an online consultation with Dr.Sachin Kuber via Skype or whatsapp.After payment of Online consultation fees you will be given time and date of consultation. You can fill the form and send to us. Dr.Sachin Kuber MS will be available personally for consultation.You can ask questions regarding your circumcision, phimosis,foreskin issues etc. You can send pictures on whatsapp or skype.Screen sharing is also available.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Authorised Alisklamp & ZSR Circumcision Center and Sun Clinic by Dr.Sachin Kuber are recently Certified to carry out Alisklamp and ZSR Circumcisions in India

Call Now - / Whatsapp +919823863926

Certified Center for ZSR and Alisklamp Circumcision in Pune. Just received Certification from Turkey and China

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Stitchless,Painless,Bloodless ZSR Circumcision

Stitchless ZSR Circumcision

One Setting Stitchless Circumcision Technique

This newest  technique of Stitchless Circumcision in One setting is available in Circumcision Clinic now. Patients can avail benefits of superior surgery
Trained in China at ZSR Biomedicals,China We do this stitchless,Painless,Bloodless Procedure. Visit

Stitchless,Painless,Bloodless,Safest Circumcision technique with ZSR machine is available with our circumcision clinic in Pune.This is 15 minutes only procedure so patient in Pune as well as outside pune city can come and go immediately after surgery.

Reasons for Having Single stage-Stitchless Circumcision 

Single stage circumcision without stitches is available now !
  1. Very effective ,Aesthetic Looks
  2. Done in 15 Minutes
  3. Can come alone for this procedure
  4. No Need to stay in hospital
  5. Can walk home in 15 minutes
  6. Painless procedure
  7. Stitchless Procedure
  8. Bloodless Procedure
  9. Very Safe
  10. NO Complications at all

This clinic is founded by Dr.Sachin Kuber in 2004.Since then Dr.Sachin Kuber has done thousands of such surgeries till now. You can safely come and do this procedure in our clinic to ensure the best Scarless Circumcision with full sensitivity . This will give you a freedom of mobility with Quick recover. Call us now !
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